Grazing Platters, for any occasion big or small

Grazing Platters

Do you ever wonder about finding more time to spend with family and friends?

I am Lylie and I can help.
What I do at Nourished by Lylie is create unique food experiences for all occasions. 

Grazing Platters can be for any number of people and for all occasions.
Weddings, 21st, Engagements, baby showers, a morning tea to catch up with friends to name a few

What I am really passionate about is providing high quality, delicious homemade food. So I can help you open up your world through Nourishing your Mind, Body and Soul.

We can help with all your catering requirements. Whether you are catering to a large event or a small gathering, we can provide you with the best quality food, with the freshest ingredients to complete your occasion. We have been nourishing the Waikato for over 5 years. We are proud to be the go to Grazing Platter business in Waipa, and our focus is on the customer experience.
Be sure to check us out for your next Grazing Platter 

Grazing Platters

Nourished By Lylie is a local Grazing Platter business catering to the Waikato market. 

We are a family owned and operated business. We are dedicated to Nourishing the Waikato. 

Our Grazing Platters  are hand crafted from scratch and we are able to make it as simple as that. 

We individualise each and every grazing platter that we make. Ensuring quality and requirements. 


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